What is MySiteVideo?
MySiteVideo is all about user generated content for your existing web store. In a nutshell it allows your customers to upload videos and pictures of their purchases and then these videos and pictures will automatically appear on the relevant product page in a neat media jukebox. The site owner is still in full control and can approve and reject uploads and turn off certain features such as media ratings and rewards.


  1. Manager can approve and reject media through back office or set it so all media is automatically accepted.
  2. Video and picture ratings and rewards creates incentives for customers to upload and even buy. Can be turned off if not wanted.
  3. Media is hosted on our video servers so no slow down for your site.
  4. Unlimited bandwidth!
  5. Fully customizable buttons and players to fit your site.
  6. Very easy setup - no programming knowledge needed.
  7. Automatic notification when new media uploaded if wanted.
  8. Videos can be uploaded from the visitors computer or copied across from Youtube by simply entering the Youtube video URL.
  9. When a visitor uploads a video it can also be automatically copied to your Youtube account.


  • Join the user generated content internet revolution and modernize your site.
  • Make your site more interesting and attractive.
  • Content generated by past customers will give new customers more confidence to buy. They can see that customers who buy from you have received their goods ok and are happy with their purchases.
  • Customers will visit your site regularly to watch new videos and check if there is feedback on media they have uploaded. While on the site they will see also see your new products.
  • Increase customer loyalty and repeat business. Customers can interact with your site so will feel they are part of it like a social network or club.
  • Creates an extra incentive to buy. Some customers will buy as they want to create a video and have it featured on the site. There is also an optional ratings and rewards module at no extra cost where for example you could offer a prize for the best video of the month.
  • Improve search engine ranking. The number of hits on your site will increase as customers come back to your site to view media and upload their own. The length of time customers spend on your site will increase as they browse through videos and pictures. All these factors are a major factor in search engine ranking and will push you towards the top.
  • The option to automatically copy all uploaded videos to Youtube will create extra traffic and interest for your site.
  • Finally, you will have product demonstrations on your site without having to do any work yourself! Having a product video will increase sales but it can be very time consuming and difficult to create video demos yourself if you have a lot of products. By using MySiteVideo the customers will do the work for you and create more trustworthy videos that customers will know have not been edited or faked by the site owner.


"MySiteVideo has made our site much more interesting and interactive. We have been surprised at how many videos customers are uploading and how much longer on average visitors now stay on our site. It has certainly helped to increase our sales and search engine ranking" - www.nitrotek.co.uk
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